Ben Treble Part 1

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High Altitude Mountaineer to Elite Cyclist – Ben Treble – SquareOne Athlete Spotlight

Ben Treble is a SquareOne patient who has an interesting story to tell. He’s gone from scaling the world’s highest peaks to a journey of pedalling his bike as hard as he can. Here is his story and a look at the work he has been doing with Mitch at SquareOne.

“My interests have always been in the outdoors, exploring new places and finding my own limits; physically, emotionally and mentally. For me this has always been in wild and remote places that require a lot of self-sufficiency and every decision is yours to own. High-altitude mountaineering and climbing has taken me to some amazing places in New Zealand, Australia and the Himalayas. I fell in love with the contrast of their beauty and uncontrollable risks”

– Ben Treble.

“Cycling is a unique sport and when initially planning for Ben, I broke down the requirements into three different components that we can improve to complement his training and racing. Now Bens’ training is in 3 parts – mobility, strength, and past injury management.

Firstly with mobility, Ben is required to get into and work very hard in various ranges of motion – particularly needing hip and low back mobility. Therefore we focussed on building mobility with the body or muscles in similar positions to what he requires on the bike – Mitch Lockley, SquareOne Physio.

Heel Clicks

Pigeon Drag

Both these exercises are active ways to improve hip mobility. It improves rotation and flexion which allows Ben to get into better positions whilst cycling.