Ben Treble Part 2

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High Altitude Mountaineer to Elite Cyclist – Ben Treble – SquareOne Athlete Spotlight

Ben Treble is a SquareOne patient who has an interesting story to tell. He’s gone from scaling the world’s highest peaks to a journey of pedalling his bike as hard as he can. Here we continue his story and a look at the work he has been doing with Mitch at SquareOne.

What are some of your highlights as a mountaineer?

“In 2018, I was very fortunate to join a Russian team on an expedition to Manaslu in Nepal. Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world with a summit of 8163m. I look back on this expedition as a culmination of all my prior experience, we got a summit weather window early and ended up with a 17 hour long summit day. The extreme altitude is a very humbling experience, where you get to see how far you can push yourself and find your limits. As your body starts to shut down non-essential systems above 7500m, your life becomes very simple with a singular focus of survival and risk mitigation. I was very fortunate to both summit and come home with all my fingers and toes!”

– Ben Treble.

“Cycling is a unique sport and when initially planning for Ben, I broke down the requirements into three different components that we can improve to complement his training and racing. Now Bens’ training is in 3 parts – mobility, strength, and past injury management.

Firstly with mobility, Ben is required to get into and work very hard in various ranges of motion – particularly needing hip and low back mobility. Therefore, we focussed on building mobility with the body or muscles in similar positions to what he requires on the bike”

– Mitch Lockley, SquareOne Physio.

Adductor + T-Spine Mobility Exercise

Adductor + T-Spine is a great way to improve both hip and upper back mobility.

Jefferson Curl ​

Jefferson curl is a fantastic drill for mobility along the back of the body from the low back to the hamstrings and calves. These are common areas that can become tight in cyclists. It is also a great way to improve low back strength in a flexed position as this is required in cycling.