Ben Treble Part 4

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High Altitude Mountaineer to Elite Cyclist – Ben Treble – SquareOne Athlete Spotlight

Ben Treble is a SquareOne patient who has an interesting story to tell. He’s gone from scaling the world’s highest peaks to a journey of pedalling his bike as hard as he can. Here we continue his story and a look at the work he has been doing with Mitch at SquareOne.

Ben has had some great success in his relatively short cycling career.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be able to both commit personally to cycling for the past 18 months and have a lot of support from my coach and friends. This is what has ultimately led to some key results in my first year of road racing, winning the West Head ‘The Wall’ in December 2020 was my first big result. A more recent result was winning the Cootamundra State Open Cycling Classic, interestingly both of these races featured a short steep climb to the finish which suits my sprint profile quite well”

– Ben Treble.

Cycling is a sport that requires a unique mix of endurance with repeated bursts of highly explosive power generated from a seated position in short ranges of movement. Here Mitch takes us through some of the work he has been doing with Ben to help improve his power on the bike.

Trap Bar Deadlift

Perfect for building general strength – It is a simple lifting technique that allows the bar to be loaded heavy quickly with little technical difficulty.

Barbell Bulgarian

Barbell Bulgarian is a very challenging single leg strength exercise that is perfect for building his leg strength and also working on triple extension which is an important movement pattern in cycling.