Ben Treble Part 5

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High Altitude Mountaineer to Elite Cyclist – Ben Treble – SquareOne Athlete Spotlight

Ben Treble is a SquareOne patient who has an interesting story to tell. He’s gone from scaling the world’s highest peaks to a journey of pedalling his bike as hard as he can. Here we continue his story and a look at the work he has been doing with Mitch at SquareOne.

“A big target of mine earlier this year was the Gran Fondo at Road Nationals, a short circuit course – featuring the infamous Buninyong climb each lap. We rode 5 laps which required a 6-7 minute effort of 400 watts power output for each lap. Whilst you always target a win, I was happy to come home with third and make the podium after some poor positioning in the sprint finish”

–  Ben Treble.

Finally we wanted to address any past injuries or weaknesses in Ben’s kinetic chain – Ben has struggled with a low back injury for the past 3 years that causes him some pain when on the bike. Given the high power output he has to generate while in a flexed position we needed to address this. We have tested his low back endurance and hip strength and know they are not where they need to be, and we are focusing on improving these 2 aspects of his body. The goal is to complete specific accessory work that will then be progressed into compound and complex movement patterns in the future – Mitch Lockley, SquareOne Physio.

‘Good Morning’ Exercise

‘Good Mornings’ are a great exercise to build a robust lower back. It challenges you to load the lower back and address strength or mental concerns around using the back.