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Our Birth Prep Program has been designed by our Women’s Health Physios to help women make informed choices and decisions about the best type of birth for you and your bub. Whether you are having a vaginal delivery or caesarean (or don’t yet know), we can help you navigate this exciting new chapter in your life. We will discuss how to reduce the risk of damage to your pelvic floor during pregnancy and birth and educate you on all things pregnancy, birth and the early days post-partum in order to maximise your recovery. We recommend following up our Birth Prep Program with a Postnatal appointment at 6 weeks postpartum.
Session 1: Pelvic floor assessment and risk factors
  • Assess your pelvic floor function, important through all stages of life
  • Screen your risk of pelvic floor issues including incontinence
  • Screen your risk of pelvic floor injury in the case of a vaginal delivery
  • Create an individualised pelvic floor exercise program based on the above assessment
  • Advice about how to best look after your abdominals in pregnancy
Session 2: musculoskeletal screen
  • Discuss and recommend safe exercise in pregnancy (with the option of commencing Clinical Pilates with us)
  • Assess any niggles or injuries you may have
  • Assess your pelvis and low back and provide exercises to reduce your risk of injury/pain during and after pregnancy
  • Check your pelvic floor progress and update your exercises accordingly
Session 3: preparation for birth stage 1
  • Discuss what to expect in stage 1 of labour in a vaginal birth
  • Discuss what to expect going into a caesarean birth
  • Discuss pain management techniques during labour including breathing, TENS, positioning
  • Techniques to prepare your pelvis for birth
Session 4: preparation for birth stage 2 including postpartum care
  • Discuss what to expect in stage 2 of labour for a vaginal birth
  • Discuss what to expect in a caesarean birth
  • Discuss your risk of perineal tearing and how to minimise it, including how to perform perineal massage
  • Teach pelvic floor relaxation and pushing technique to minimise damage to the pelvic floor
  • Discuss postpartum care for both caesarean and vaginal deliveries and how to navigate the first 6 weeks postpartum

We suggest starting this program as early in your pregnancy as you can. However, it’s never too late and any information, preparation and advice is always helpful and will assist you in birthing process. It’s not uncommon for some women to see us for all 4 appointments in their last few weeks of pregnancy or even for one appointment at 39 weeks to get some last minute tips and tricks!

Ideal timing for the program:
4 sessions with a WH physio

1 hour Initial assessment:
During the first/early trimester

3 follow up appointments:
1st follow up – a few weeks after the initial assessment (30min), ensuring this is after your 20 week scan
2nd follow up – at 34 weeks (30min)
3rd follow up – at 35 weeks (45min)

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