Mother’s Group Information Sessions

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SquareOne Women’s Health host FREE 1-hour information sessions for mother’s groups, the sessions are run by one of our SquareOne Women’s Health Physiotherapists. We can host the session for your Mother’s Group in person or via Zoom.

Topics covered:

Our sessions are appropriate for all new mums regardless of whether they have had a vaginal or caesarean delivery. We will discuss:

  • the role of the pelvic floor
  • signs of pelvic floor dysfunction
  • why looking after your pelvic floor is SO important in the postnatal period
  • how to strengthen your pelvic floor
  • what’s involved in a postnatal physiotherapist assessment

We are happy to answer any other questions your group may have!

When is the right time to book?

We recommend your group books early so that you can start applying our tips and tricks to get the most out of your postnatal period.

How often are the Mother’s Group Sessions held?

The info sessions run on an ad hoc basis and we are happy to accommodate a time that works best for your group. Have a chat with the other mothers in your group and let us know what times will work best for you.

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