Benefits of Massage

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Massage is not a Luxury; it is a Necessity to Maintain a Healthy Body. Book a massage, no guilt needed!

Massage is not a Luxury; it is a Necessity to Maintain a Healthy Body

Book a massage, no guilt needed!

Tactile therapies like massage have been proven to be beneficial to your general state of mind and feeling of well-being.
Here are 10 ways how massage can benefit you. It can:
  1. Relieve your stress
  2. Relax your mind
  3. Reduce pain and/or tension
  4. Rebalance your body’s musculoskeletal system
  5. Induce relaxation
  6. Flush out waste products from your muscles
  7. Reduce scar tissue
  8. Increase your recovery speed from injury or illness
  9. Increase your range of motion
  10. Increase your stretching ability

It can even increase your life expectancy!

Massage does this by increasing blood flow to the cells and tissues in your body. It provides them with the nutrients they require for optimal repair and growth. Massage helps to flush extracellular waste products and increases the flow of our lymphatic system, which ultimately removes them the body faster. In addition particular massage techniques can be used to break down scar tissue, adhesions and fibrous tissue after an injury such as a muscle strain or tear. Nerve receptors are stimulated during massage which induces relaxation and therefore reduces resting muscle tension. This can help manage problems such as tension headaches and anxiety and improve sleep quality. Quality sleep is our best form of recovery both mentally and physically from both injury, sports performance or just a generally hectic life or work schedule. 
Discuss with your SquareOne massage therapist what your concerns are and they will tailor the session to your needs. Rebates are available from private health funds for remedial massage; the amount is dependent on your fund and your level of cover.

Fiona works Tues/Wed/Thurs and Saturdays at our Bridgepoint Clinic and offers:

Remedial; Sports; Swedish/Relaxation; Lymphatic Drainage; Myofascial Release Therapy; Hot Stone Massage plus Pregnancy Massage.


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