Returning to exercise after having a baby

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Many women are keen to get back into exercise after having a baby, whether it be to keep strong and fit so they can best look after their bub, or so that they can return to the sports and activities that they love.


We strongly encourage women to get back into exercise in the postnatal period due to both the mental and physical benefits that are so important when looking after a newborn. However, it is important that this exercise for new mums is appropriate for the postnatal period.


What are the benefits of postnatal rehab?

  1. Restore your pelvic floor –your pelvic floor is put under a lot of stress throughout pregnancy and during the delivery process. In fact, having a full-term bub sitting on your pelvic floor can produce an equivalent stretch on your pelvic floor as a 100kg man standing on a trampoline! Postnatal rehab should therefore focus on pelvic floor strength and function to optimise your pelvic floor before you return to more strenuous activity. This will help to minimise the risks of leaks and prolapse in the future.
  2. Learn to re-engage your core – During pregnancy your core and abdominal muscles must stretch to make room for your growing baby. It’s therefore not surprising that many women find it difficult to activate their core after pregnancy. Additionally, some women develop an abdominal separation that needs specific exercises to help close the gap. Targeted abdominal rehab exercises can help you to find and activate your core and reduce any abdominal separation.
  3. Strengthen your body to help keep up with the physical demands of looking after a growing bub – many women become deconditioned during pregnancy as it becomes increasingly more difficult to exercise at normal intensities as the pregnancy progresses. They may also adopt less optimal postures and movement patterns when nearing the end of pregnancy due to the increased weight of bub. It is important optimise your strength and movement patterns in the postnatal period to help prevent lower back pain, aching shoulders and cranky wrists that can occur due to the physical demands of lifting and nursing your baby.


Why should you see a Women’s Health Physio for postnatal rehab?

As Women’s Health Physios, we understand the changes that your body has undergone during pregnancy and the delivery of your bub. We are trained in the assessment and management of pelvic floor disorders, abdominal separation and postnatal rehab.

Each pregnancy and delivery is unique, and whether you have had a c section or vaginal delivery, there are many things to consider when returning to exercise. We can help you navigate your safe return to exercise in the postnatal period.

Our mums and bubs class are tailored specifically to work on the pelvic floor, abdominal separation and reconditioning in the early postnatal phase.

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