When Can I return to Exercise After Pelvic Floor Treatment

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Returning to activities, exercise and sport after pelvic floor treatment

Your pelvic floor physiotherapist can discuss with you your individual goals and assist you to gradually return to your preferred exercise. Recovery is variable and the progression of your program will depend on your individual situation.

We can assist you in commencing an exercise program safely, even if you have never exercised before.

Where does Clinical Pilates fit in?

Training your pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax as needed assists you to regain continence, prevent prolapse symptoms and relax your pelvic floor muscles at rest. Progressing specific pelvic floor exercises into functional positions and introducing loads that you need to cope with in day to life and when exercising is the key to success.

Our Pilates based exercise studio allows you to complete your own individualised exercise program that is designed to suit your individual needs to progress you towards independence without the hassle of ongoing pelvic floor issues.

We use clinical Pilates equipment to rehabilitate the function of the pelvic floor muscles so that they automatically work during everyday activities. Clinical Pilates combined with a specific home exercise program will assist in achieving optimal function more quickly.

This will be discussed in your physiotherapy session, and can commence after you have gained correct muscle activation.

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