Frequently Asked Questions About Pelvic Floor Issues

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  • Why can’t I do exercises without seeing a physiotherapist?

Current research shows that 30% of people do not correctly contract their pelvic floor when asked. A pelvic floor physiotherapist individually assesses you and ensures you are correctly activating your muscles. Contracting the wrong muscle 100’s of times per day can definitely do more harm than good.

As with any muscle injury, rehabilitation needs to be tailored to you and your goals. Everyone is different – so don’t compare. After an assessment, your Physiotherapist can outline the management that is best suited to your condition’s abilities and monitor this as you improve.

  • When will my incontinence resolve?

Incontinence severity will differ between each person. Your physiotherapist will discuss your individual recovery with you after your initial assessment. Continence is regained more quickly if you complete pelvic floor muscle training under the guidance of a pelvic floor physiotherapist. A muscle strengthening program takes at least 6 weeks to make changes to the muscle and most people will start to see an improvement in symptoms during this time. However, achieving a “cure” often takes around 6 months of progressing you original program to a point that will also prevent a recurrence. We have some great tools for measuring this to keep you informed of your progress along the way.

  • Will I need to do pelvic floor exercises forever?

The aim of pelvic floor exercises is to improve muscle function to manage symptoms. Your physiotherapist will advise you when you no longer need to do specific exercises and what you will need to do to remain symptom-free. As with any muscle, some attention on going will help keep them at a level that will keep you symptom-free.

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