Great practical advice for running PB’s in events.. from our resident running expert Campbell

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 Read on to find out some great practical advice for running events such as the Blackmores Half Marathon coming up in September.

 Are you running the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival this year? Whether it’s the 3.5km Family Fun Run, the 9km Bridge Run, the Half Marathon or you are going the full distance and doing the Marathon, getting your pacing correct is essential to achieve your target time over any distance. Go too fast early and you may not finish, take it too easy and you may not reach your goal. Check out this handy little Pace Band that goes on your wrist. Plug in your target time, print and place around your wrist and it’ll let you know what you need to be going through the kilometre markers in. A great little help to make sure you are on track for a PB!! 

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