Who Can Help With Pelvic Floor Issues?

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  • You: You are the person that can train your muscles, modify exercise as you rehabilitate and use functional exercise to assist in your recovery. It may be frustrating to experience incontinence, but with appropriate modification of activities and by following your individual program, you will recover as optimally as possible.
  • A Pelvic health physiotherapist: A referral is not needed to see a physiotherapist. You should book into a pelvic floor physiotherapist experienced in managing pelvic floor dysfunction. Your treatment may involve exercises and advice.
  • Gynaecologist or Urologist: These specialists will screen you for any medical issues that may be contributing to your issue and can refer you to a pelvic floor physiotherapist experienced in managing patients with pelvic floor issues.
  • GP: Your local doctor knows you well and can advise you to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist or specialists as required.
  • Family members and friends: If you have had continence or prolapsed surgery your family and friends can be invaluable supports, especially in the early period post-surgery when you need to rest as much as possible. Accept any assistance offered – the more rest you get the quicker your recovery!

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