Hip Mobility Routine

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With many people working from home and sitting for a lot of the day, Physiotherapist, Mitch, has put together a hip mobility routine as his go to hip openers! Please be careful if you have a pre-existing hip injury, or knee pain with kneeling or end of range flexion. Email Mitch if you want any modifications of this routine.

All you need is a couch or a chair!

  1. Couch stretch – This is to lengthen those hip flexors. Start by putting a hand on your belly button and low back, then as you keep your low back still move through your hips towards your front foot until you feel a stretch in the upper part of the back leg. Hold this stretch and complete floor touches with the hand. 20 touches then swap to the other leg.
  2. Elevated pigeon – This is to lengthen the glutes. Start by resting your top leg on a chair or couch and your back leg on the floor. Keep the top legs heel tucked in close to the opposite hip. Keeping the low back still, move through the hips taking the chest towards the front leg, then push through the front leg to return to the starting position. 20 repetitions on each leg.
  3. Frog – This is to open up the groin. Start by taking your knees as wide as possible on the matt and resting on your forearms. Make sure your feet are the same distance as the knees. Keep your low back still and move through your hips to increase the stretch in the groin. Pulse in and out of the stretch. Then maintain the stretch and with control pick one foot up at a time. 20 pulses then 10-foot lifts per side.
  4. Child’s pose – This is to work on hip range and stretch through the low back. Start by keeping your big toes touching and bring your knees apart (to a comfortable distance). You can begin with just holding in this position, complete some deep breathing try to feel your chest expand into your thighs. Then start to walk your hands side to side to increase the stretch through each hip and get a nice side stretch for the upper body. 60 second hold followed by walking the hands to each side 5 times. If your knees are uncomfortable place a cushion

Finish with completing goblet squats (hold at weight at the front) through range with control to use all your hip range in a functional task!

If you want to know more about what exercises to complete while working from home book an appointment or a telehealth appointment.

Or call our reception to discuss your physiotherapy appointment options.

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