How to prevent your kids from getting injured this winter

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Whilst concussion is the most common injury for children during the winter sport season other injuries can include tendon problems, ankle sprains, and knee pain.

Winter sports often pose the biggest risks with soccer, AFL and rugby all sports that require lots of jumping and change of direction.

Kids also bump into each other a lot! Injuries due to contact and collision make up 85% of the injuries to kids.

Strains, sprains and bruising can account for 25%

Knees get the next best workout with 12% of injuries

And Shoulders 6%.

So, what can you do to help prevent injuries?

  1. Monitor load – it is important to understand what your child’s body can handle. Every child is different and will be affected by things such as growing, stage of schooling and other life stresses. Nd guess what – your genetics! So don’t compare with other kids.
  2. Engage your team in injury prevention exercises – There are standardised injury prevention programs for soccer, netball, AFL and rugby. BUT you have to actually do them for them to work! They have great evidence to back up their effectiveness.
  3. Report injuries and pain as soon as possible – this will assist with the injuries being properly dealt with and hopefully reducing the need for time away from sport.

If you’d like one of our Physios to help your child and give them some solutions to either help or prevent any of these injuries this winter sport season, please make an appointment today.

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