Do you have knee pain? We can help reduce the pain

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Have you been experiencing pain on the front of your knee? Maybe you’ve been struggling to squat, go up or down stairs or you can’t run or walk for as long as you used to. You could have Patellofemoral pain sometimes called runner’s knee but ironically most people, we see in the clinic with this issue are not runners.

As the weather gets warmer and people limited their exercise choices to outdoor activities, many people are increasing their running volume at the moment.

Overall an increase in exercise volume can lead to increase stress around the front of the knee joint, this ultimately impacts the cartilage behind the patella and can lead to what we call Patellofemoral pain. Unfortunately, this pain doesn’t always go away on its own. Think about this pain like a bruise, the more you poke it the longer it will stick around. You need to address your exercise volume and reduce it for a number of weeks to allow things to settle.

There are lots of other strategies that we can use to reduce pain around the patellofemoral joint.

Among those are:

  • Strengthening the muscles that support the knee
  • Strengthening the muscles around the hip (glut muscles) which help control your leg in the running action and is the key long term success.

Whilst you work on improving your strength, taping the knee cap is great strategy to keep you running and moving towards your goals.

For an individualized assessment and treatment for your knee pain come and see one of the physios at SquareOne.  We can help you diagnose your issue and ensure your rehab is tailored specifically to your needs.

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