Meet Rachel – our 2023/4 BTC scholarship recipient

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I’m very grateful and super excited to be the 2023/24 Ambassador for Balmoral Triathlon Club.

As part of this great opportunity I will be working with Square One Physiotherapy to regain strength
and to protect these improvements by avoiding injuries! I met with Campbell recently and we
wanted to write a brief Intro / history to say hello and to let you know why I’m here, as well as give
some thoughts about where I would like to go during this season.

As a bit of background for you, I did my first triathlon – the Corporate Games – back in 2006, was
immediately hooked on triathlon and joined BTC soon afterwards. I love to participate in the
training activities and social groups and club races and activities in the community.

I think I would have to say Standard distance is my favourite, which is a 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run
and I’ve represented Australia in age group competitions in New Zealand, Canada and Mexico at this
distance. I have also done half ironman and full ironman distances too (that’s the same distance as
Campbell, I just take a LOT longer to complete it). I’ve also been a Technical Official (a bit like an
umpire for triathlons) for a few years and will be joining the crew again this season.

In July last year I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and subsequently had surgery and 18 rounds of
chemo. After the surgery I came to visit Square One and received great help with protecting my core
and learning to move and lift items by awakening my abdominal muscles. I also loved the online info
session about Women’s pelvic floor care and strength techniques with dos and don’ts for
maintaining / regaining strength in this area of the body.

As I’m sure you know, exercise is great for recovery. Having said that, it’s the professional advice
about what to expect and importantly, how to progress that I am ready to listen to at Square One.
Progress is not necessarily linear, that is where the professional guidance and supervision from
Square One Physio will help me progress correctly and safely. I’m hoping to have an assessment to
see where I am and what I’m capable of doing and then work on the recommendations including
Pilates (I’m really looking forward to this as I’ve never done Pilates before).

For the triathlon season…I’ll be starting small by doing just the swim leg of an event in Sept, a short sprint race in November
and building up to longer distances as my endurance comes back – who knows, maybe an ironman in

I’m excited to be on board!!


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