New Mums and Bubs Mat Classes – BIGGER location

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Mums Mat Class

Due to popular demand, we are expanding our postnatal Mums and Bubs MATWORK exercise classes to a bigger location!

Who are these classes for?

Mums and Bubs mat classes are suitable for new mums from 6 weeks to 1 year postnatal. This class is perfect for women who are looking for a safe and structured return to exercise under the guidance of a women’s health physio specialising in postnatal care.


What does the class involve?

The class focuses on postnatal rehab fundamentals (pelvic floor and core) and builds into strength, conditioning and functional exercise.

Under the guidance of a women’s health physio, you will:

  • Learn to correctly activate and strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Minimise your abdominal separation through a structured abdominal rehab program
  • Improve your spinal mobility and posture
  • Strengthen and tone your legs, arms and stomach
  • Improve your form for performing squats, lunges, deadlifts and other functional movement patterns


This class will prepare your body for a safe return to running, gym work, clinical pilates, sport or any other exercise form you love. It is also a fantastic way to strengthen and optimise your body so that you can best look after bub!


Our instructors

Our postnatal classes are run by one of our women’s health physios. They have all undergone additional training in pelvic health and pre/postnatal care. They understand the physiological changes that your body has gone through during pregnancy and bubs delivery, and will help guide you through your individual postnatal recovery.


How to join

New patients – book in here for a 30-minute mums and bubs assessment before joining the class. FREE mums and bubs assessments are available with the purchase of a 10 class pack.

Current patients – if you are already a women’s health patient, speak to your treating physiotherapist about joining the class. Most current patients will not need a new assessment and can enjoy a COMPLIMENTARY visit for their first mat class.

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