Free trial of our virtual mums and bubs classes – Join us

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We are now offering free trials of our virtual mums and bubs classes, to help you continue your postnatal rehab from home.

Here is a short video from one of our Women’s Health Physios, Brigitte. 

We have already had great feedback from mums who have trialed the class. They have reported that the TWO biggest benefits the virtual classes are:


“It was so much easier not having to get bub ready to leave the house”

By far the biggest benefit reported by our patients is that it is SO EASY to do the class at home. Some mums have said they love not having to get their baby ready to leave the house. In fact, we have had a few patients ask if we can continue running these virtual classes even once social distancing restrictions are lifted!



The virtual class format held me a lot more accountable than other online classes I have been doing at home – I didn’t get distracted halfway through”

If you’re like us, you have probably tried a plethora of pre-recorded online workouts. Despite best intentions, you might find yourself wondering if you are actually doing the exercises correctly and if you are in fact helping or hindering your abdominal separation in the process. You may also find yourself spending half the session lying on the floor scrolling Instagram.

Enter the benefit of our virtual classes! Our virtual classes are NOT pre-recorded. Instead, we are there demonstrating and instructing the class in real-time. We are able to watch you perform the exercises and provide corrections and progressions as needed (and we will keep you focused!).

Interested in trialing a class?

If you would like to do a free trial of one of our mums and bubs classes, give our reception team a call on 9968 3424.

The classes are run 11:30 Tuesdays and 10:30 Wednesdays. All you need for the class is a laptop or phone with the Zoom app downloaded and some floor space. Maximum 6 per class.

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