Pain behind your knee cap? 

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Have you been experiencing pain on the front of your knee? Maybe you’re struggling to squat, go up or downstairs or you can’t run/walk for as long as you used to. You could have patellofemoral pain. Sometimes called runner’s knee but ironically, a lot of people we see with this issue are not runners.

Many people are simply upping their exercise volume at the moment particularly over the last few months. We hear a lot of “I was doing a few too many squats and walking and running more than my body was used to! And my kneecaps were not happy with me.”
Overall, this increase in exercise load leads to increased stress around the front of the knee joint. This ultimately impacts the cartilage behind the patella and causing what we call patellofemoral pain.

Unfortunately, this pain doesn’t always settle on its own. We like to get our patients, to think about this pain like a bruise, the more you poke it, the longer it will stick around! You need to address your exercise volume and reduce it for a number of weeks to allow things to settle.

There are lots of other techniques we can use to reduce patellofemoral pain, but we find hip strengthening is the key long term. Whilst you work on improving your strength, taping the kneecap is another useful strategy to help get you going.

We will be releasing a video on how to tape your knee cap, that can easily be replicated at home. You can also pop into our clinics to have the taping done for you.

For an individualised assessment and prescription of a home strengthening program, get in contact with us at SquareOne Physio for a consultation with one of our fantastic physios. Book online here or call 99683424 

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