Pelvic floor: the facts

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Incontinence and other pelvic floor issues can not only be embarrassing, but may also prevent women from participating in activities they enjoy. Instead of getting professional help, many women will avoid activities due to fear of embarrassment. Most women do not know that this problem can be resolved with the correct assessment and management.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 3 women who have had a baby will wet themselves (Aust. Continence Assoc. 2011)
  • It is estimated that between 30-50% of women who have given birth will suffer from pelvic organ prolapsed in the future (Pakbaz et al. 2011)
  • 30% of women are unable to perform an effective pelvic floor contraction from either written or verbal instructions (Berghmans et el. 1996)

Others at risk of developing pelvic floor problems include:

  • Women who have had gynaecological surgery (e.g. hysterectomy)
  • Elite athletes and those who do heavy lifting on a regular basis (either at the gym or at work)
  • Women with a history of lower back pain
  • Those who are overweight (BMI>25)

If you fit into one of these categories, then you should be seeing us.

Evidence indicated that cure rates are excellent by undertaking a thorough assessment and individual training of pelvic floor muscles. Sometimes following a really basic pelvic floor strength program can make a big difference. You’ve just got to do it! And we can show you how.

We offer the following services:

  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment and treatment for incontinence, pelvic organ prolapsed, pre and post natal (internal examination and/or real time ultrasound)
  • Assessment, treatment and management of pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy
  • Assessment and management of rectus diastasis (abdominal muscle separation)
  • Pelvic floor and core rehabilitation post gynaecological surgery
  • Pre and post natal Pilates classes – as well as spinal stability classes
  • Small classes instructed by a qualified physiotherapist

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