Benefits of Doing a Postnatal Exercise Class With a Women’s Health Physio

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Post Natal Exercise

There are many benefits of doing postnatal exercise classes and why doing them under the guidance of a Women’s Health Physio can be really beneficial.

Why should be you doing a post-natal exercise class?

Let’s be honest looking after a newborn is very physically demanding. By joining a postnatal exercise class you’ll ensure that you’ve got the right strength and mobility required to look after bub so that you’ll less likely to have an achy back by the end of the day or feel sore through your shoulders and wrists after nursing bub.

The other reason we like people to get into postnatal exercise is so that we can safely return them to doing the activities that they love. Whether that is running or jumping or weightlifting, we want to make sure we are doing this in a safe way after pregnancy. Our bodies are likely to be slightly deconditioned and so starting back to those foundations and building upon them through a post-natal exercise class is a really good way to get back to doing what you love in a safe way.

Why do classes under the guidance of a Women’s Health Physio?

Women’s Health Physios such as those at SquareOne’s Women’s Health are trained in Pre and Postnatal care which means we understand the physiological changes your body has been through during pregnancy and we understand the different considerations we need to think about regardless of whether someone had a C -section or a vaginal delivery. By doing the exercise under the guidance of a Women’s Health Physio you know that we will be considering exactly what your body has been through and make sure we tailor the program to that.

If you are interested in doing post-natal exercise classes please call our reception team on 9968 3424 and they can book you in for assessment so that you can join our program.

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