Top tips on how to SMASH your Mini-Mos race this year

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Whether this is the first fun run you have ever done or you are a fun run superstar the right preparation is key to having a great day and making the Mini-Mos a fun run experience you will want to do again.

The SquareOne Physio team have put together some tips that will make your day a success.

Getting ready

  • Every morning should start with breakfast.  On a day like today, choosing the right breakfast will give you energy on the run, but also keep you comfortable
  • We suggest eating a light breakfast such some toast, a piece of fruit or low salt cereal. Nothing too heavy or nothing new to you
  • Try and finish it at least 30 minutes before the start of your race
  • Make sure you take on plenty of fluids with breakfast
  • Avoid sugary drinks that may upset your stomach. Sticking to regular water from the tap is best

What to bring

  • Be prepared for all weather possibilities. Whilst you may be hot during the run, cooler early morning weather can make before and after the race uncomfortable. Make sure you have something warm handy.
  • The night before, have your gear ready, lay out your running shoes, socks, shorts, running top, hat and race bib. Or race dress up gear if you love a party!
  • When you get up in the morning, you can put these on straight away so you are ready to go. Don’t forget to put your sunscreen on before you head out the door.
  • Make sure you have a refillable water bottle with you for before and after the run.
  • If you are getting there early, have a snack handy. No worries if you don’t feel like eating before the race; you can always have something to eat when you finish.

Getting ready to race

Warming up gets your mind on the run ahead, gets your joints moving and the muscles pumping. A good pre-race preparation starts with some moving (dynamic) stretches and finishes with some run specific heart starters. If you are unsure on what is best, look out for a member of the SquareOne physio team. They will be there to help you out.

A great warm-up example may include:

  • Arm swings
  • High knee marching and skipping
  • Walking lunges
  • Bear crawls
  • Hard and fast jogging on the spot 2 x 15 sec hard

The Vision Mosman team will be running warm-ups for the kids races so make sure you line up early enough join in!


Race Time

Pace yourself!

Standing at the start line, you have eaten a good breakfast, taken on board plenty of liquid and your body is warmed up, ready to go. Now is your time. Don’t start the race too fast. 2km is over 3500 steps for someone 120cm tall and 5km about 10 000! That is a lot!

If you try doing them all at your fastest pace – You won’t make it too far.

Choose a good pace that you can keep for the whole race. Keep it consistent. A good rule is you should be able to talk in sentences as you run. If you can’t tell your friend you like their shoes without puffing between words, maybe you are running a little too hard.

Look after yourself out there.

Watch out for others, especially people smaller than you. It is a fun run, so no pushing or tripping!

You made it

Finishing is the best part of the run. Your effort is rewarded with a big smile, the sort after Mini-Mos medal and your sense of achievement. Find somewhere shady to cool down, drink some water and when you have your normal breathing back, finish your morning with a few leg stretches. These will relieve sore muscles and help stop you feeling tight later in the day.

Look out for the SquareOne physio team at the finish. They will be able to help you with the stretches,  treatment and provide advice on any injuries, a post-race chat and even help you prepare for your next run.


SquareOne Physio has been Mosman’s favourite Physio for the last 11 years and proud Mini-Mos sponsors for the last 7. Look out for us at Bridgepoint Shopping Centre and at Mosman Medical 393 Practice and we have opened a practice in Balgowlah too!

If you would like to know more information about how to prepare for the race or after the event you can –

Book an appointment online or call 9968 3424

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