Jennifer Brittain

Jennifer joined SquareOne in 2017 and is SquareOne’s “Physio on the road”, bringing the rehabilitation of clients to the privacy of their own homes. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from McGill University, Canada in 1998, then spent 15 years treating all types of surgical and non-surgical orthopedic conditions in hospitals in Melbourne and Canada, before moving to Mosman in 2013. Jennifer is passionate about the effects of exercise on physical and mental well-being, and takes an individual approach to each client, focusing on optimising their physical function and helping overcome barriers in order to achieve their goals and lead as full a life as possible. Jennifer is also a qualified Yoga teacher and offers individual consultaions for therapeutic yoga. With a special interest in running and cycling, in addition to participating in those activities, Jennifer has taken a wide range of specialist courses in the assessment and treatment of runners and cyclists. When not at work, Jennifer is mum to three active kids, can be found improving her ocean swimming at Balmoral, and loves to curl up with a good book.