Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor issues are extremely common amongst women and even in men. But there is a solution.

We understand that pelvic floor issues can affect your ability to enjoy life to its fullest.
There is widespread recommendation in the medical world that pelvic floor physiotherapy should be the first treatment option for women with pelvic floor issues such as incontinence.
Mosman Women’s Health Physios ensure that management of your pelvic floor issues is always private and respectful.

Management may include:

  • Retraining your bladder habits
  • Learning how to use your pelvic floor muscles properly
  • An individualised and focused pelvic floor exercise program
  • Pelvic floor relaxation
  • Assessing how your fluid intake and diet may be influencing your problem
  • Looking at lifestyle changes that will help you manage the problem
  • A Clinical Pilates program to help bridge the gap between pelvic floor exercises and day to day pelvic floor function

Benefits Include:

  • Improved continence
  • Stronger pelvic floor muscles
  • Improved bladder and/or bowel function
  • An increase in lifestyle options eg: running
  • Pain free and enhanced sex