Clinical Exercise and Pilates Based Rehab

Mobility and Control. Stability and Strength. Exercise in a safe environment with Health Professionals you can trust.

Clinical Exercise at SquareOne is designed and delivered by Physiotherapists specifically for you and your individual requirements in a Pilates studio environment. Whether you are recovering from an injury, trying to prevent one or looking to improve your health, fitness or wellbeing our Physios have the expertise to guide you every step of the way. Regardless of whether you are recovering from spinal surgery, are looking for a great way to exercise during your pregnancy or trying to build better stability to improve your running, your exercise program is tailored, appropriately progressed and re-assessed to ensure you reach your goals.


Our innovative programs will teach your body and spine how to move.


The SquareOne team use a combination of Physio rehab and Pilates informed exercises and equipment (reformer, trapeze table, wunda chair, ladder barrel etc) combined with the latest knowledge and research on exercise and rehabilitation to manage pain, restore function, prevent injury and improve your performance. Clinical Equipment is ideal if you are recovering from injury or require an individualised program.

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Private sessions

  • Individual attention for beginners to ensure you learn and understand the correct principles involved
  • For those requiring closer supervision for injuries
  • For those wanting to simply to get better results.

Semi-Private group sessions (Max 3 Clients)

  • Low group numbers ensure you continue to receive individual attention
  • For those with a good body awareness
  • Your Physio will modify and progress your program regularly to provide challenging and interesting sessions that are tailored to maximise your results.

Duo group sessions (2 clients)

  • Grab your partner or favourite friend and make the most of your time together
  • Receive quality instruction from our Physios at a bespoke time that suits you and your schedule
  • Allows you to achieve your health and fitness goals quicker and with closer supervision.

MAT classes:

  • Instructed by a Physiotherapist in a class environment
  • Classes are designed to improve core stability, abdominal strength, gluteal strength, balance and posture and are altered to accommodate limitations and injuries
  • Classes are provided in blocks of 10 and booked in advance
  • Maximum of 5 per class

MUMS AND BUBS – Mat and Reformer classes

  • Designed for Mums 0-6 months post-natal to get your body back in shape as quickly as possible.
  • Run by a Women’s Health Physiotherapist with specialised training in pelvic floor and exercise in post-natal women.
  • Classes focus on the demands of being a new Mum as well as focusing on your body after pregnancy and birth.
  • Include a variety of exercises to target core and pelvic floor strength, back, arm and leg strength and abdominal separation.
  • Maximum of six per class.
  • Babies are, of course, welcome!


  • Pregnancy-based exercise at SquareOne is instructed by a Physiotherapist, so you can be confident that it is safe, evidence-based, and tailored specifically to your personal needs.
  • If you are a runner or dancer or have never exercised, we have the right program for you.
  • Individually targets differing body areas throughout your pregnancy and addresses the changing demands on your body.
  • Focus on achieving optimal function of your pelvic floor, your postural muscles, your spine and glutes, and prepare your body for the demands of having a baby.
  • Our small groups under the supervision of a Physiotherapist means your program can be modified as your body changes throughout each trimester so you can keep exercising right up until you give birth.
  • Max 3 per class (see clinical equipment)