Specific Snowsports Conditioning. Strengthen & Prepare. Prevent. Rehab.

Every skier looks forward to Winter. Skiing and snowboarding can be very physically demanding on the body, especially when you haven’t been skiing during the warmer months. Join us for our specific Skiing Conditioning Classes – SkiFit. These classes will prepare you for the slopes so you can enjoy your skiing trip and ski better each day, reduce your risk of injury and help you recover form any injuries you may sustain.

Who is this class for?

  • Youths and Adolescents training for Skiing, snowboarding in freestyle or racing – focus on injury prevention and building strength and endurance required specific for these sports
  • Adults and Adolescents coming back from an injury who never completed a full rehab to return to skiing/snowboarding confidently.
  • For anyone else who is looking to get strong and fit for the upcoming Australian/NZ Ski Season and Northern Hemisphere Season.

Why should you attend?

  • Skiing and snowboarding both demand a lot from the muscles in the quads and lower back and from the knees in particular. Skiers and snowboarders often require specific conditioning and workout routines to not only perform better and prevent fatigue but to help reduce the risk of injury on the slopes.
  • Improving your lower body strength will improve your performance on the slopes, help you keep up with your kids and also improve injury prevention as you will get a program written by a Physiotherapist and led through the program with regressions and progressions based on your ability and training history
  • Due to the class being run by a Ski Instructor you will get extra tips for the slopes based on exercises on how to improve turns etc.

Class format:

  • Due to the number of participants and gym size, there will be 6 stations that everyone will get through that will focus on different aspects of mountain sports strength and endurance.
  • This will include a group warm-up focusing on mobility, neuromuscular control and balance.
  • Each Station will address:
    • Lower Body Push Strength
    • Lower Body Pull Strength/Lower Back Strength
    • Lower Body Endurance – conditioning focused on 2-3 mins efforts similar to that of a ski run
    • Trunk/Core Stability and Fluidity
    • Lower Body Balance
    • Plyometrics (Jumping/Landing Mechanics)

Each individual in the class will be provided alternative exercises, if they require, and will have different levels based on ability. We do ask if you are in pain that you do have a Physio assessment before starting so the Physio leading the class is aware of any issues that are needed to be accommodated for during the program.

If you do require an initial one-hour assessment with our SkiFit SquareOne Performance Physio you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals, current level of fitness, injury history and perform a musculoskeletal screening to determine your technique, strength base and areas that we need to address during the SkiFit Classes. After the assessment, you will move into SkiFit Class Program where you will continue training under the guidance and coaching of your SkitFit SquareOne Performance Physio.

If you would like to join our SkiFit Clinical Exercise Class, please call 9968 3424.

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