Abdominal separation and post-natal check appointments

We recommend all women see a Women’s Health Physio after they give birth. An appointment at a minimum should cover abdominal (tummy muscle) separation and some screening questions to assess your risk of pelvic floor issues both now and in the future.

Your Physio will go through some screening questions which will assess your pelvic health. They may recommend further pelvic floor assessment from your answers.

Real-time ultrasound will often be used to assess your abdominal wall and pelvic floor and teach you how to best help them to recover their function.

Real-time Ultrasound:
For best results we require you to have some water in your bladder. We recommend emptying your bladder approximately one hour before your appointment and then drinking 2 glasses of water prior to coming in. It doesn’t need to be bursting – just make sure it’s not empty!

These appointments typically require 60 mins