What does treatment with a Women’s Health Physio involve?

We see many conditions and as our treatment approaches are Individualised treatment approaches are varied.

Treatment however may involve:

  • Treating your sore body part with manual therapy, needling, massage, taping and exercises i.e. back or neck
  • Abdominal strengthening to encourage healing and retraction of your separation
  • Teaching you how to use your pelvic floor muscles correctly
  • An individual targeted pelvic floor exercise program
  • A Clinical Pilates program to help bridge the gap between pelvic floor exercises and day to day pelvic floor function
  • Discussing lifestyle changes to help you manage the problem
  • Looking at how your diet and fluid intake may be influencing your problem
  • Bladder training
  • Relaxation and releases of the pelvic floor muscles
  • Muscle release techniques

After explaining your problem, your Physio will discuss your treatment options and work together on agreed timeframes to resolve it.