What is Clinical Exercise and Pilates?

Clinical Exercise classes at SquareOne are more than just your standard Pilates classes. They are a mixture of both Physio rehab exercises that are specific to you and Pilates informed exercises. They are based in our Physio rehab gym using Studio Pilates equipment and other rehab equipment if needed.

People often associate Pilates based exercises with ‘core strength’ which refers to the fact that Pilates based exercises often focus on strengthening the muscles around your trunk including your deep abdominal muscles, the pelvic girdle (including the pelvic floor and gluteals) and back extensor muscles. The idea that strengthening these muscles will develop a balanced and stable musculoskeletal system

Whether you are recovering from surgery, returning to exercise postnatally or looking for something to complement and enhance your running program, our Clinical Exercise and Pilates based programs are a great solution.