What to expect for Bladder/Bowel/Pelvic floor/Vaginal/Pelvic pain issues

These often complex issues will first require a detailed history. Based on your history it will be discussed with you whether you require an internal assessment.

Internal assessments: In cases where your condition relates to the pelvic floor, bladder or bowel an internal examination may be necessary to achieve an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.  

This does not have to happen on the first appointment if you are worried and can be discussed at length with your Women’s Health Physio if you require time to get used the idea as there are other options available. Most women find them comfortable and much easier than a pap smear.

If you can get a pelvic floor contraction then your Physiotherapist may wish to use a vaginal probe and a measuring machine called a peritron to measure the strength of your pelvic floor. This gives your Physio and of course you, a clear idea of your strength and endurance and we can benchmark you against where you should be. These results often form an integral part of your treatment goals and program and to accurately measure your impairments and subsequent improvement. Vaginal probes are purchased separately and are kept for your individual use.

Most women find it more comfortable to attend these assessments when they are not menstruating although it is also fine to attend if you are.

​These appointments require 60 mins for your initial assessment.