What’s involved in a Women’s Health appointment?

An initial 1 hour consultation is normally required with a Women’s health Physio for pelvic floor and bladder issues. Assessment and treatment will include a detailed history of your problem to ascertain your main problem and what is causing it. An external ultrasound through your abdomen to view your bladder and pelvic floor muscle function is often used. In cases where the condition relates to the pelvic floor, bladder or bowel an internal examination may be necessary to achieve an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. This will be discussed with you during your appointment.

Your Physiotherapy Consultation Will Include:

  • Thorough questioning and examination to establish a diagnosis
  • Discussion of your goals and what you hope to achieve with physiotherapy
  • Detailed education and explanation of your symptoms as well as the underlying cause of your problem
  • Discussion of your treatment options
  • Development of a personalised pelvic floor health program

Our aim is to work with you to treat your symptoms or pain to allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.