3 Solid Resistance Exercises To Do To Keep Up Your Strength As You Age

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For men, strength peaks in the 20-30’s and commences a steady decline in our 40’s. Coupled with a busy lifestyle with family, work and often a lack of energy and motivation as we age – sarcopenia can have a profound effect on our body and what we can do as we head into our grey years.

So, what exercise is appropriate as we age?

Identifying and creating an appropriate exercise program is a common problem.  Men who are new to resistance training or have been out of the gym for some time, can be confused by how to apply strength training principles. How many repetitions are enough? What weight should I start with? Will I reaggravate an injury or cause a new one? Is there a difference between strength and power? Where to start?

As you age, have you noticed a little more effort is needed to get out of your chair; or something you used to lift with ease is now a challenge? Perhaps your knees are also sore with little muscle around them. Lack of practice or a few years between regular exercise sessions may be why.

3 key resistance exercises that can help to improve your muscle strength

Exercise 1: Barbell squat – this exercise is great to strengthen your glutes, legs and back muscles.

Exercise 2: Barbell Bent Over Row – awesome exercise to target your back muscles.

Exercise 3: Single Leg Box step up with a kettlebell – this exercise is a good progression to work up to. Holding the weight creates an added challenge to your balance. Try this with a small step to start with.


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