Triathlon Screening

Injury Prevention, Improved Economy and Increased Efficiency.

Triathlon is one of the most physically demanding sports you can choose. The biggest barrier to athletic improvement is inconsistent training. Decreased strength has been shown to be a risk factor for injury. If you are injured and aren’t training, you aren’t improving and are not moving closer to your goals.

Performance enhancement for triathletes is based around increased economy of movement, improved efficiency and increased force generation. Getting stronger means your muscles can generate more force to propel you forward faster. Strength training increases muscle and tendon “stiffness” which helps our legs act like springs. The result is you go faster for the same effort.

Because no athlete is the same our individualised triathlon screening identifies the key areas of mobility and stability that you require to swim, bike and run with a reduced injury risk. Our individualised conditioning programs for triathletes addresses the specific mobility or strength deficits that you have and allows us to develop a more durable and faster triathlete while recognising the time constraints involved.

Hydro- dynamics, aerodynamics and increased force production- let our team help you become a faster, more efficient and more durable triathlete.

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