Clinical Strength and Conditioning

Outcome focussed and goal orientated. SquareOne Performance is our Physio led Clinical Strength and Conditioning Program.


SquareOne Performance is a Physio led Clinical Strength and Conditioning program that is outcome focussed and goal orientated. It is specific to your needs, your sport or activity and considers your musculoskeletal or injury history. Physiotherapists are the best placed Health Professionals to understand your initial injury and to optimise your return to full function and higher performance. We will guide you through your journey on our Pain to Performance pathway using the latest evidence-based strength and conditioning principles to allow you to perform at your best. If you have been injured previously or have become frustrated with lack of progress, then this is the program for you.

Clinical Strength and Conditioning with a SquareOne Performance Physio can assist with:

  • Muscle hypertrophy and strength gains
  • Exercise with a pre-existing injury
  • Power, speed and acceleration gains
  • Sports specific strengthening
  • Return to sport end stage rehab
  • Shoulder surgery end stage rehabilitation
  • ACL and knee surgery rehabilitation
  • Returning from low back injury
  • Work place conditioning
  • Reducing injury risk and improving economy in endurance athletes

Our individualised program is based on a comprehensive assessment process that considers your previous injury history, movement patterns, training history, current physical capacity and the goals that you aspire to. In collaboration we then develop your Performance program that will elevate you to a new level of physical function. Recovery and tissue maintenance principles are covered to help optimise your outcomes.

All our SquareOne Performance Physios are qualified Physiotherapists who have undergone EXOS Strength and Conditioning training giving them a platform to deliver structured and evidence-based programs. They work with various football codes including AFL and Rugby Union, and are rehabilitation experts and human movement specialists.

What’s Involved?

An initial one hour assessment with your SquareOne Performance Physio to discuss your goals, current level of fitness, injury history and perform a musculoskeletal screening to determine your technique, strength base and areas that we need to address. After the assessment, you will move into our Performance Program where you will continue training under the guidance and coaching of your SquareOne Performance Physio.

If you would like to discuss your case further with our Performance Staff please call 9968 3424.

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