What is Clinical Exercise and Pilates?

Clinical Exercise classes at SquareOne are more than just your standard Pilates classes. They are a mixture of both Physio rehab exercises that are specific to you and Pilates informed exercises. They are based in our Physio rehab gym using Studio Pilates equipment and other rehab equipment if needed.

People often associate Pilates based exercises with ‘core strength’ which refers to the fact that Pilates based exercises often focus on strengthening the muscles around your trunk including your deep abdominal muscles, the pelvic girdle (including the pelvic floor and gluteals) and back extensor muscles. The idea that strengthening these muscles will develop a balanced and stable musculoskeletal system

Whether you are recovering from surgery, returning to exercise postnatally or looking for something to complement and enhance your running program, our Clinical Exercise and Pilates based programs are a great solution.

Why do I need an initial consultation?

An initial consult allows our Physiotherapists to take a medical and injury history and perform a thorough physical assessment in order recommend the best way forward for you. Our assessment s often include a real-time Ultrasound which is used to ensure you have a thorough understanding in the ability to activate your core muscles. As well as ensuring your safety, an initial consult will set you up for an effective and targeted program that gives you the best chance of reaching your goals.

After we take your medical history, injury history and establish your goals, a movement screen will look at how your body moves and how it performs in a variety of movement tests. This forms the foundation upon which exercise is prescribed, and gives us valid measures to continually reassess as you do sessions within our clinic. If time allows you will then move into the Exercise studio to be introduced to your program a s our Rehab and Pilates equipment.

Your exercise program will be directly based on your goals such as reducing the frequency of back pain or hamstring tears, or strengthening the core muscles in time for the running season.

What to bring to your Initial Clinical Exercise assessment?

Remember to:

  • Bring with you any scans or Xrays and details of any medical problems or surgeries.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely and exercise
  • Our ultrasound machine works best when you have some water in your bladder. We recommend drinking a few glasses of water about 1 hour before your appointment and refrain from using the bathroom before you visit us. If this is an issue please talk to your Physio and we can give you further advice.
  • A clean pair of socks – shoes are not worn in our clinical exercise sessions. Grip sox are recommended and can be purchased from our reception area.

What do I need to bring to my sessions?

We recommend:

  • Wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely
  • A drink bottle
  • A pair of clean socks (we recommend grip sox to prevent slipping which can be purchased from our waiting room)
  • and of course your sense of humor and a great attitude!

Do I have to attend at the same time every week?

Our pass based system allows for flexibility in your schedule from week to week and the freedom to access our entire timetable. It also offers great savings for our regular attenders.

However if you’ve found a time and instructor that you love – you can join our VIP membership group. Our auto-renewal contract allows you to forward book the same class up to 6 months ahead. Your credit card will automatically be billed for another pass once your current one has expired. Please speak to our friendly reception team or choose “10 pass – auto renewal” option when paying for your next pass on the SquareOne App.

Do your passes expire?

Our passes have the following expiry periods:

  • 5 pass: 2 months
  • 10 pass: 3 months
  • 20 pass: 6 months
  • If you are travelling and you require us to put your pass on hold please let us know.
  • If utilising our ‘5’ or ‘10’ class pack special, the fee must be paid at the first class.
  • These packs are non-refundable but may be transferred to a different class where available.

Can I claim with my private health fund?

Our Clinical Equipment, Mat and Mums & Bubs Classes with our Physios are claimable on your private health insurance if you have Physiotherapy cover. They are billed under Group Physiotherapy (Code 560) if you would like to check the health fund rebate available under your membership.
For those purchasing passes – receipts will be issued after attendance at the class, not at the time of purchasing a 10 pack to allow you to claim the maximum amount available.

To continually access your health fund rebate you will need to attend regular re-assessments to assess your suitability and to make sure your program is up to date and you are progressing towards your goals. Your Physio will advise on what re-assessment period is appropriate for your condition (this will need to happen AT LEAST every 12 months).

Can I cancel my classes?

Our Cancellation Policy allows you to change and cancel classes up to 24 hours prior to your class starting. Our great system allows you to manage this all via our app and will send you a reminder 36 hours prior to the class.

Unfortunately late cancellations or failure to show for your booked class will result in one of your passes being forfeited or a charge being added to your account for the missed class.

Having this policy in place allows access for everyone to be able to enjoy the classes of their choice.

What classes can I join?

Please see all of our Clinical Exercise Classes class options CLICK HERE

Click here to see our class timetable.

Our class availability changes regularly with classes added according to demand, so please contact reception if you cannot find a class and we will do our best to find a time that works for you.

Our system allows us to run a waitlist for our most popular times. At times there can be quite a bit of movement across our classes. After joining the waitlist you’ll be notified and added in if someone else cannot make the class.

I am pregnant can I do Clinical Exercise and Pilates at SquareOne?

Absolutely! Our exercises classes are a great exercise choice whilst you are pregnant. Our programs are designed for each individual so you can exercise right up until your due date and your program will be adapted throughout your pregnancy as your needs change.

Clinical Exercise at SquareOne is supervised by Physiotherapists so you can be confident the exercise is safe, evidence-based and tailored specifically to your personal needs.
Whether you were previously a runner, dancer or have never exercised – we have the right program for you.

Do I need an assessment for your pre/post natal exercise programs?

Yes you do.

All Pre-natal (and those Post-natal clients who are joining our equipment program) require a regular Pregnancy Initial Assessment.

A shorter and quicker 30 min assessment is required for Mums and Bubs after you’ve had your baby to ensure you are safe to start exercising. This assessment will also give you some information on your pelvic floor health and abdominal separation.

Can I bring my baby?

Our mums and bubs classes are designed to bring your baby with you. Once your baby is on the move it is recommended that you start to access our regular program to allow you sufficient time to concentrate on your program instead of chasing your baby! Our instructors love to help settle your little ones and grab an extra cuddle when they can but we ask you remain responsible for your baby throughout the session.

A clean nappy is often appreciated by your fellow participants.