Postnatal Return to Exercise Program

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Our Postnatal Return to Exercise program is under the guidance of our SquareOne Women’s Health Physiotherapists and is designed around the latest research and guidelines for postnatal recovery.

What's involved in the Postnatal Return to Exercise Program?

  • Assessment of your pelvic floor strength/function, abdominal separation and general postnatal conditioning
  •  Individualised return to an exercise program (based on your assessment), goal setting and ongoing reassessment
  • A home-based exercise program to optimise your pelvic floor, reduce your abdominal separation and condition your body towards your goals
  • Referral into our postnatal clinical exercise and pilates based rehab program when required

When to book in?

We recommend all women book in for a 6-week postnatal assessment. This will then start your postnatal journey.

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