Reduce your Injury Risk. Improve Running Capacity. Maximise Running Enjoyment.

Our RunForm program is a treadmill based biomechanical assessment of your running technique utilising video software for feedback and coaching. We’ll start by taking a detailed history of your running experience and injury profile and combine this with a thorough musculoskeletal assessment to identify any areas that may predispose you to a higher risk of injury or adversely affect your performance. You’ll receive feedback and coaching on your run technique in real time and leave your first session with technical aspects to work on.

From here we’ll provide a detailed report outlining how you can improve your running technique and the strength and mobility areas that need addressing to improve your efficiency and reduce your injury risk. We’ll continue with the technical coaching of your run technique on the treadmill and provide you with a program to address the strength and mobility issues that have been identified.

RunForm is a highly beneficial program for those starting out on their running journey through to elite level experienced road runners, trail runners and triathletes. If you want to maximise your running enjoyment and achieve your running goals no matter how big or small then RunForm is for you.

RunForm Program Kickstart Package:
1 x Run Assessment – 60 mins
2 x Run Follow Up Consults – 45 mins each 

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